welcome to Sinapse…

well what better place to start a New Year & a newly formatted website than with such a warm & welcoming salutation; too often mental illness whether it be anxiety, depression, phobic states or perhaps even worse can leave us with a sense of “not belonging” a deep rooted sense of “social isolation” or what we might think of as common day loneliness where the world says many things to us & us to it but very rarely are they so simple and heartfelt.

it was just such an awareness that led me to found Sinapse in 2002 & now with a 12 year history of excellence (having personally seen over 1,500 individual patients, 500 couples and trained a further 5 therapists) I find myself today with offices in Shanghai, Ningbo and most recently Denpasar, Bali and a deep sense of fulfilment that can only come from the unique experience of having worked alongside a host of individuals as they wrestle with their personal demons and find their way to a better, safer and ultimately more fulfilling life.

so why, if you have gone as far as finding your way to this website don’t you offer yourself (& I don’t deign to call it a luxury) a complete mental overhaul as 2015 unfolds and the challenges of the second half of this already very challenging decade unfold.

just give me a call, in absolute confidence on: +86 13681705544 and we can arrange for an initial 30 minute consultation (for which there is no charge) and see where the journey leads you…

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