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“Mark Pummell is an incredibly effective psychotherapist. He is professional, intelligent and caring. He has an unique ability to understand people and helped me tremendously with my specific issues. I highly recommend him.”

“Mark saw me on a weekly basis for six months. After the first few sessions he set a target and a date for it. He helped me to achieve what I wanted in a surprisingly short time, through being caring, supportive, encouraging, protective, insightful and absolutely charming. I have recommended Mark to two friends who asked me if I knew someone who could help them, and I would recommend him always. I’ll be in his debt for the rest of my, now very happy, life.”

“Mark is an outstanding therapist,who gives you his full and total dedication. In the time that he has acted as my therapist he has constantly been available to provide me with the full support that was needed for me to understand that I have choices and opportunities to have a happy and fullfilled life. Mark’s deep understanding of human behaviour, relationships and the pysche mean that as a patient you are able to finally understand your situation, behaviours and what you can achieve and how to do this.”

“Mark and I have worked together for over 4 years and I have been thoroughly impressed with his dedication to his patients psychological health improvement. Mark continually pulls out all the stops, providing where necessary a round the clock service to support his patients & is dedicated to getting people performing at their mental best. It’s been a pleasure to work with Mark as he always drives for the best possible individual outcome while putting in the necessary effort.”

“When I first met Mark, I was in a long term abusive relationship that I had completely normalized and was suffering from depression and had extremely low self esteem. My personal environment and relationships were either extremely negative an everything around me was fragile. With work, trust and courage he has been there step by step with me as I have made significant changes to my life and finally moved into a position of personal power where I can at last say – this is my life and I am actually living it and I like it!  I am eternally grateful for the long hours of therapy, coaching and empathy as he pushed /nudged me along to try to be the best I can, owning and executing on my responsibilities and truly living at the same time.”

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